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For many applications in laser scanning and engraving, a planar imaging field is desired for the best results. scan angle, θ max. 6μm ( sl1/ sl2/ sl3) f- theta lens is commonly used in conjunction with galvanometer scanning mirrors in laser engraving, cutting, and marking systems. discover hundreds of ways to save on your favorite products. get the deals now! f- theta lens – co 2 laser 9. shop our great selection of nikon f lens & save. the use of f- theta lenses provides a plane focusing surface and almost constant spot size over the entire xy image plane or scan field. huge sale on f theta lens now on.

for instance, the objective focuses the laser beam at the focal point. with over a decade of expertise in optical grade and coating production, ronar- smith® scan lenses yield some of the world’ s finest optical performance in the market. the scan length or scan area specifications in this catalog are based on mirror spacing of typical scan heads. more konvexe f theta lens images. the position of the spot on the image plane is directly proportional to the scan angle. these lenses are ideal for engraving and labeling systems, image transfer, and material processing.

hurry - limited offer. compare prices for f theta lens. plenty of nikon f lens to choose from. located in the beam path after the scan head, they perform various functions. ronar- smith® f- theta scan lenses ronar- smith® f- theta scan lenses are meticulously designed and crafted for a broad range of laser applications. typically the f- theta distortion of the lens is kept less than 1% so that it is able to produce a precise spot in the flat field on the image plane.

customer service available. constantly adapting to all light situations for better eye comfort and protection. sign up for b& h news and special offers. when scanning, it also ensures that this focal point is.

f theta lens - now on sale quick, limited time, save today! search only for konvexe f theta linse. f- theta lenses – also called scan objectives or flat field objectives – are lens systems often used in scan applications. f- theta lenses have been engineered to provide the highest performance in laser scanning or engraving systems. scan area, mm2 max. fast shipping and orders $ 35+ ship free. f- theta lens f- theta lenses are designed to provide a flat field on konvexe f theta linse the image plane for scanning and engraving applications where a high power laser and a set of rotating mirrors are used to scan across a given field. transitions lenses help reduce glare, eye fatigue and strain, for more effortless vision.

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